Jawad Salim


Jawad Salim is a board-certified anesthesiologist and medical expert based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jawad has been in the field for over a decade, with several specialties worth naming. In addition to being an anesthesiologist expert, he is an expert in laser hair removal, dermal fillers, botox, corrective skincare, and more.

To get to where he is today, Jawad Salim needed an education and several certifications. He has a B.S. in biology from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Likewise, he obtained an M.D. from the International American University College of Medicine. Upon completing his degree programs, Jawad immediately set to work, obtaining the necessary certifications. He is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist with additional ACLS, B.L.S., and PALS certifications. 

There are many reasons for Salim’s success. First and foremost is his father, the driving inspiration in his life. His father was an immigrant, arriving in America with nothing more than a dream. He had no money to his name but needed to support those he cherished most. He turned that need and dream into something capable of providing for his wife and children. Jawad Salim learned so much from his father during this time, including a profound appreciation for hard work and dedication. 

Watching his father turn a dream into something beautiful gave Salim an uncommon perspective on life. It also changed the way he looked at entrepreneurship and business. It’s easier for him to picture the hard work that goes into a business. Likewise, it is easier for him to spot the potential in an idea and understand how to chase it down.

In recent years, Jawad Salim has found a new source of inspiration: his children. Salim works hard to provide new opportunities for his three children like his father did for him. In many ways, they are why he gets up for work each morning and why he works so hard to create a brighter future.

This driving force is part of why Jawad Salim is so successful in his career. Currently, he is the sole anesthesiologist at iOBX in Charlotte, NC. His duties include providing concierge anesthesia services to his patients. iOBX is an interesting and unique medical facility that offers innovative treatment options for orthopedic concerns.

Prior to his time with iOBX, Jawad Salim held two medical positions. The first was with Aiken Anesthesiology, SC. Salim was one of two anesthesiologists in this role, providing services throughout the hospital as needed. The second role was with Augusta Consultants of Augusta. This organization consisted of nine anesthesiologists who worked with J.M.S. Burn Center and several local outpatient surgery centers. This included Augusta Plastic Surgery, where Salim acted as the medical director. He stayed with Augusta for four years before finally moving on.

When not busy with work, Jawad Salim relishes watching college football. It is a casual pastime for him, enabling Salim to sit down and relax. He hopes to share it with his children as they grow up, as it would be a fun family activity.

To learn more about Jawad Salim, visit his other websites, JawadSalim.com and JawadSalim.org.

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